Acts of Kindness Benefit Your Own Health!

  • Feeling lost and looking for meaning in your life?
  • Do you want to volunteer your time to benefit your community and the world?
  • Think you don’t have enough time or energy to do so?
  • You’re on your way to helping others, improving your outlook and feeling better in the process!


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About the Author

Tae Lynne is a former investigator, corporate trainer & research analyst turned author, blogger & kindness advocate. When chronic illness ended her career, she discovered her true purpose as the Kindness Junkie. Follow her journey of loss, healing & transformation on her blog. Tae inspires others to be kinder through her Twitter, Instagram & Facebook posts. She is currently working on her solo book due out later this year featuring inspirational quotes & random acts of kindness. She lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her boyfriend & dog. Join Tae on her mission to change the world one minute at a time by practicing kindness, compassion & acceptance to all.

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